A non-profit business is an organization that operates for the purpose of promoting a specific cause or achieving a social mission, rather than for profit. Non-profit businesses are typically governed by a board of directors and operate on a tax-exempt basis, with the goal of using their resources and expertise to benefit a particular community or cause. Examples of non-profit businesses include charities, foundations, and other organizations that work to address social issues such as poverty, health, and education. Non-profit businesses are often seen as an important force for positive change, as they can use their resources and influence to address important social issues and promote the common good.

Non-profit businesses provide services, products and information because they care more about people, than money. Altogether Web Design cares about non-profits, so if you need some work done for your non-profit group or organization, contact us and tell us about your group, what it does, and who it benefits. We may be able to help you out!