Technical Writing on Information Technology Topics

Technical Writing

Altogether Web Design is all about information technology (IT), and our technical writing includes subjects such as the Web3, the Metaverse, Internet of Things (IoT), Android devices, PCs, digital culture, digital workplace, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, customer experience, mobile web development, Voice of Customer (VoC) programs, Employee Experience, Content Management Systems, HTML5, CSS3, web development–and everything in between.

The founder and CEO of Altogether Web Design, Scott Clark, is a talented technical writer, having written hundreds of articles, tutorials and whitepapers on topics such as those mentioned above, and many others. He is available for technical writing assignments large and small; everything from SEO-driven content creation, magazine articles, and proofreading and editing, and his rates are negotiable and reasonable. Here is Scott’s MuckRack profile.

Technical Writing Topics

You can find examples of his current work on and Reworked:

Artificial Intelligence

Web 3.0

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, & Belonging, CSR

Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health

Social Media & Social Listening

Upskilling, Reskilling, Ongoing Learning, Digital Literacy

Remote and Hybrid Workplace

Customer Experience (CX) & Customer Journey Mapping

Employee Experience (EX)

Marketing Certifications

Employee Recruiting and Retention

Customer Service & Customer Call Center

Voice of Customer

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Low-Code & No-Code

Brand Culture

Knowledge Management

Digital Workplace

Augmented Reality (AR)

Data Privacy

Cyber Security